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Шествие Великих Ежей по планете продолжается. Сегодня ночью изучая просторы интернета к своему ужасу и восторгу обнаружил версию дневника переведённую на английский язык. Видимо что бы забугорные товарищи тоже прониклись и ужаснулись. Насколько качественный перевод сказать не могу, ибо в языках я слаб, но тем не менее текст выставляю на суд общественности. Если что может кто-нибудь поправит и доработает :)

ЗЫ: Спасибо камрадам loclay и lioppa_begemoth за внесённые исправления!

A Warrior Hedgehog’s Notebook

March 1
Seized the forest glade. The celebration started. A hare family came by, they asks us to be quiet. The celebrate of our victory continues with hare kebab.
Glory to the Great Hedgehogs!

March 14
A herd of wild boars arrived. They start intimidate and bullying us; tried to scare us by fearsome nicknames. The chef writes them down and cry with happiness – no need to make menu.
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

April 21
Had a fight with moles. Those bastards are digging from below and grab us by the paws. Commander has order to everyone to use stilts, the lower part of which coat resin. The moles who got stuck have been fried and eaten..
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

May 12
Taught the youngsters to fight snakes. Commander showed his ability to knit the sea knots of snakes. Youth imbued, but still continues to shred snakes into education-minced meat. Commander grumbles, but chef is happy.
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

June 1
Commander wet feet and demands warm slippers. Had a long argument, whom is it better to make them of: rabbits or rats? Have decided to catch both – the meat stocks are never excessive.
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

June 13.
Friday the thirteenth. The superstitious youth assures that today is an unlucky day. Commander agrees with them and suggests to prove this to the entire forest. We start the war.
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

June 17
Returned from a war. Nobody is hungry. Commander believes that this is due to nerves, but the chef and the doctor believes that the cause is gluttony.

July 2
The squirrels came by. They offered us love and nuts. We have taken the nuts and have eaten them. Squirrels were raped and also eaten.
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

July 12
Doctor says he has developed a new medical technique and asks to catch a living koala, for tests. He has lost his mind. We have brought him three brown bears, seven raccoons and one panda, the last one was stolen from the nearest zoo. Doc got offended and threatened us that the next experiment he will be conduct on us.

July 28.
Found and old tank in the woods. Commander orders to fix it. Judging by the burning gaze of commander, we will be conquering the neighboring forest.

August 13.
Again the thirteenth, however, not a Friday, but we don't care. If commander says it is the forest's unlucky day - the hedgehog complies!
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

August 23.
Doc has reminded us that autumn is just around the corner, and stocks of alcohol had not been replenished since the last year. The operation "Autum rush" is started.

September 3.
The trap is laid. An exact copy of relaxation izba is built at one edge of the glade, the sideways from the main road to the glade is trodden, the tank is hidden near the glade exit on an escape case. We waiting for prey.

September 9.
Caught only two mushroom-pickers who were carrying baskets full of mushrooms and a bag of apples. Force-fed them with all the mushrooms and apples. Do not mock the hedgehogs! Hedgehogs eat meat!!!
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

September 11.
Commander ordered to block the road and put the signs directing to our glade with the inscription "Detour".

September 19.
The results of operation "Autumn rush": captured one hundred and twenty-nine people, seized nineteen boxes of vodka, thirty-one crates of beer, five bottles of brandy and one tank of pure alcohol. Well, preparing for winter is complete!

October 14.
Foxes, wolves and bears are spotted in the woods, shining with fat and bearing warm fur coats. During an urgently carried out political meeting, the commander was deliberating about the hard times, the complications of the era and the extremely inconvenient political moment. In the end, it is been decided to withdraw from the excess of fur and fat from bourgeoisie in favor of the poor, that is to say us.
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

November 7.
The withdrawal of pelts and meat complete. In honor of the revolutionary's anniversary we were having a parade followed by celebration.

December 1.
Transiting to the winter season. Fur coats are warm and the company is amicable, the alcohol is in abundance. Everyone is happy!

December 31.
We are celebrating the New Year. Commander started the old tank and used its ammunition as a firework.
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

January 3.
No one can recall anything but the chef is unhappy: the stocks of alcohol are decreased by half.

January 12.
The frost grows stronger. Part of fur coats has burned down due to the New Year's fireworks. The chef assures that the alcohol will remain for exactly a week.

January 20.
Alcohol is over! Oh, the Greatest Hedgehogs gods do not let your people freeze in this dreadful forest!

February 1.
Folks on the verge of despair. Doc took out his stash, but it is not enough. Seems that the commander is willing to take the extreme measures.

February 2.
Commander took the extreme measures – order to set the forest on fire. It’s a pity, of course, the forest was a good home for us, but we must survive.
Glory To The Great Hedgehogs!

February 15.
We bask in the last of the dying tree. The other animals are rushing somewhere southwards past us. Commander assures us that there are more forests. Hmm, seems that we will survive!

March 1.
Got to a nearby forest. Seized the nearest coziest glade. The celebration started. A hare family came by, they asks us to be quiet. The celebration of our victory continues with hare kebab.

The End.

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